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Property Management

Property mangement is crucial to the success of a real estate investment. Pragmatically, we all busy managing and living our own lives. Do you really have the time to respond to tenant issues? Do you really have the time to screen applicants and show them the properties? Do you really want to meet or know your tenants?

Property management is critical to resolving tenant issues, filling vacant properties, screening tenants, managing all funds, and ensuring a smooth and successful investment.

Our team has developed a relationship with the top property management company in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. We know the players, we’ve interviewed the different companies, and we have selected only this one company to refer our client’s business to. They are a top-notch company with strategic insight, excellent operations, and most importantly, an ethical and trusting set of principles.

Fees are reasonable and affordable.

Typically, property management companies will charge a one-time set up. This includes marketing the property, reviewing applicants, running credit checks, and inspecting the property. This one-time fee sets up the lease agreement between the tenant and the owner.

Monthly fees range from 7%-10% of gross rents. The fee depends upon a number of factors, such as, the types of buildings and the number of properties under contract.

We have developed a relationship with the most reputable and honest property managment companies in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Please click on their link below to learn more about them.