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Single Family Rentals

Single-family rental homes are where the diamonds in the rough exist. By performing extensive market analysis, our team selects the appropriate location and opportunity that meets your investments needs.

Generally, Investors make money four ways from investment properties:

  • Cash flow
  • Tax savings
  • Equity buildup
  • Property appreciation

We consider all factors when providing our detailed market and property analysis.

Our analysis focuses on areas with emerging growth.

Emerging growth areas represent the best opportunity for appreciation. In addition, we target specific areas that have quality rental rates and demand for quality renters. Most importantly, we factor in all the costs associated with the investment, such as insurance, property management, taxes, HOA fees, insurance, and others.

While we consider both new and resale opportunities, we believe there are distinct advantages with each. Our recommendation would depend upon your requirements. For instance, new homes offer significant cost savings due to the builder’s new home warranty. New homes also offer significant opportunity for appreciation, simply because builders are the leaders in new community development. With resale homes unique opportunities exist concerning a sellers reason for putting their property on the market. Whether it is a foreclosure, divorce, or relocation, resale homes can be acquired with an immediate equity position.